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Family run's SKVL MoreA2 farm

a little story it started

Since day 1 of 2017, the founders of the farm have had the motivation and desire we need to achieve our novel new goal of producing tasty, organic food through a process known as regenerative organic farming.

According to More family , “This farm has always been committed to the highest degree of organic.” Regenerative organic farming welcomes that procedure. When it comes to preserving and promoting biodiversity, you go further. With regenerative organic farming, you go advanced and beyond organic farming in terms of safeguarding and maintaining the quality of your soil. But at its foundation, it does connect to the fundamental tenets of the organic farming method. In the founders’ opinion, SKVL Organic Farm has always been dedicated to the highest standard of organics.

Regenerative organic farming, which has been practiced for millennia and is thought to be the next level of organic farming, has recently come to light due to its ground-breaking capacity to significantly slow down climate change by removing carbon from the air and reintroducing it to the soil, where it won’t warm the planet’s atmosphere.

The study has required a tremendous amount of work from More family and other experts in SKVL Organic Farm’s arsenal, but it has been worthwhile if it can shed light on how to ethically create the healthiest, most wholesome food.

That goal is the major driving force of More A2 SKVL Organic Farm. Regenerative organic farming not only protects everyone and everything nearby while returning the soil to its most fertile form, but it also has the potential to alter the health of our planet, moving us one step closer to our mission to leave the earth better than we found it.

Being a Vedic farmer involves realizing and experiencing how the natural world is ultimately composed of many different instruments that play a single symphony. It also refers to using the Transcendental Meditation technique and the TM-Sidhi program to bring about coherence in one’s own, others, and the environment’s consciousness.

Through its potential to provide food self-sufficiency and optimal living conditions, Vedic Agriculture is a science of agriculture that is immensely protective and nourishing for the entire nation. The Vedic farmer views agriculture as the highest calling and the greatest service anyone can provide to their community and themselves, and so does SKVL Organic Farm. It has a holistic impact on society, the economy, the environment, and the entire planet.

Support from the community has a significant impact on our farm, the women in our communities, and our kids. In addition to purchasing nutritious food from us, you also contribute to the stability of rural livelihoods. When you purchase quality food, you are also purchasing a self-sufficient local food system where the earth is nurtured and organically produces an abundance of seasonal food. You provide each of us with the ability to contribute to the planet and thus, change the world.

You make it possible to promote the organic movement and show young people in this nation that farming is a successful, rewarding career.

We gathered a small group of like-minded people to launch the More A2 SKVL Community. We are here to increase public awareness of organic food and provide a marketplace for organic farmers to sell their goods. Understanding food, the soil, the seasons, and local climates were fundamental knowledge in our country many many years ago. The inflexible and mechanical atmosphere is fostered in our society mostly nowadays. But we want to reinstate the organic, eminent, natural method of food preparation with a world-class approach, transforming thew world into a healthy one.

Our Holistic Way of Life
& Vedic Farming

Humane & caring environment

For the A2 cows, we provides a humane, caring environment in which they are allowed to graze freely, fed only organic grass, and looked after even after their capacity for reproduction has been lost. This guarantees the high quality of our products and the long-term humane treatment of the entire herd.

Free Graze & Cruelty Free

We have an unwavering devotion to our cows The cows are not given any supplements or drugs, and they are fed nutrient-rich hay that is organically cultivated on our farm.

Love & Caring

To their mother's milk, the calves are entitled to first dibs. The cowshed has 24-hour medical assistance and is cleaned twice daily. The cowshed is cleaned twice daily, and water pond have been placed to lessen the summertime heat effect.

Our A2 Cows

The goal of our journey, which began in 2017, is to popularize an organic way of life. We began with just a handful of cows, but now our certified organic farm has more than 900 plus cows spread out over several acres for grazing land. Each of our milk products ,are produced using organic agricultural and manufacturing methods to protect the environment and your health.


Vedic Products ~ Nature To Natural

Rich Experience

A2 Gir Cow has Daily Exercise routine for Optimal Health

Honest and Dependable

Calves bond with their Mother to ensure a healthy start of life

Sun Energy

Humb absorbs the sun energy to produce quality milk


To roam in their natural environment. Our A2 Gir cows has unlimited access to dairy pastures.

Our Journey Continuous