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Our Vision

SKVL Farm is aware of what you need, we have eliminated the hassles and left you with pristine, unadulterated nature. We leave no stone unturned to manufacture products that are as fresh and 100% organic as they were when they were picked. Utilizing natural resources to promote rural development and create job opportunities is the goal of SKVL-Organic World. The oldest medical system, Ayurveda, is our primary road to follow on this journey. Ayurveda aided the health of our Indian king even during times of war. Over 5000 years old and still in use today, Ayurveda is a medical system that can improve your relationship with nature. We assure you of continued good health through Ayurveda and Vedic product. Prevention is preferable to treatment and living in peace with the shifting cycles of nature is the first step in prevention. Modern technology with its side effects doesn't help us in the condition of our contaminated cities; they simply make us pay more in the long run. Modern medicine has created new, unnamed ailments. Our milk and milk products come straight from nature, unlike modern commodities which are not given based on your particular body type. We have uncovered the old culture and recipes, which we follow while preparing our milk products for you. Ayurveda recognizes the cycles of nature, caters to your needs, and makes life's rhythm joyful under these challenging conditions.
More A2 SKVL Farm gives Ayurveda a contemporary spin by sourcing, investigating, and carrying out all traditional methods as outlined in our old Ayurvedic scriptures. We design Vedic items with a contemporary flair using eminent concepts and the human soul, helping real Ayurvedic nutrition satisfy convenience needs. Years of research informed us that the combination of the freshest components and the proper Vedic procedure may provide nothing less than ``natural, good health.`` The vision of SKVL-Organic World is to produce high-quality food following Vedic methods while empowering women and enhancing food quality consistently. Additionally, build and generate knowledge for upcoming advancements in food goods and health services. We value sharing and learning in our society. The SKVL-Organic World team appreciates collaborating with residents and promoting a culture of sharing ideas and thoughts about health.
We collaborate with farmers to cultivate Indian desi cows, such as the Tharparkar, Gir, and Shaiwal breeds, whose genetic makeup results in milk that contains A2 Beta Casein. Additionally, SKVL offers wellness programs with famous Ayurvedic practitioners in India, the USA, the UK, Nepal, and Canada to maintain a healthy lifestyle.