Our Vision

At SKVL Farm, we ensure our Desi Gir cows thrive in a compassionate and nurturing environment, where they have the freedom to graze on nothing but organic grass and receive care throughout their entire lives, regardless of their milk-producing capability. Our dedication to offering 100% organic, fresh products stems from a deep-seated belief in achieving wellness by aligning with the natural rhythms of the earth. Through the application of age-old Ayurvedic principles, we strive to offer sustainable answers to today’s health concerns, prioritizing prevention and the holistic well-being of our community.

Our products, from A2 cow milk to Vedic-inspired foods, are crafted following age-old recipes and methods, ensuring they meet your body  unique needs. We’re dedicated to rural development, women  empowerment, and fostering a community that values knowledge sharing and holistic health.

Our Farm Benefits:

Free Grazing Cows: Our cows enjoy a natural habitat, grazing freely on organic pastures.

Lifelong Care: Every cow stays at our farm for their entire life, reflecting our commitment to cruelty-free farming.

Support for Organic Farming: We advocate for and practice organic farming, contributing to a healthier planet and populace.


Our dedication goes far beyond merely creating premium food products. We are focused on enhancing food quality and driving the evolution of knowledge for the next generation of food and health services. By nurturing a culture of collaboration and exchange, we actively promote the sharing of insights and learning within our community, fostering an environment where ideas flourish and collective growth is encouraged

At SKVL-Organic we are not just a farm; we are a movement towards a healthier, more sustainable future, grounded in the wisdom of Ayurveda and the richness of nature. Join us on this journey to health and harmony.